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Business Consultant - Communication Training and Organizational Development
Kristin Doleman Charles
Improving Performance by Enhancing Communications Skills Request a Consultation Workshops Available
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Communication is a tool you use to get an outcome you want.

Do you have the right tools?

Professionals spend 80% of each day in direct communication. At times we rely on our habits rather than developing our skills-- and that affects performance. There is a better way: identify the outcomes you want with colleagues and customers. Then, design training that equips your team with specific communication tools to make your desired outcomes reality.

Kristin D. Charles is based in the Greater Green Bay area of Northeast Wisconsin. However, Kris works with clients all over the state of Wisconsin, including the Milwaukee and Madison areas and beyond.

"My training management, individual coaching, and organizational development services help professionals take personal responsibility for choosing communication tactics, channels, and organizational structures that both get the job done and maintain good relations in the process. The communication skills I share can help everyone in an organization-- from top level management to front line professionals. If you seek business consulting and professional development to enhance communication skills, give me a call." - Kris