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Business Consultant - Communication Training and Organizational Development

Coaching Services

An outside perspective helps.

Everyone needs a sounding board once in a while-- someone who respects confidentiality. A person with expertise who can offer sound advice. Someone who will perhaps challenge your perspective in a productive, respectful way. A person, not necessarily in your field, who can bring other industry experience. Someone who is not your boss or colleague.

Kristin has been that "someone" for dozens of business professionals as a communication coach.

Kristin provides one-to-one, customized, communication coaching to help leaders at any organizational level.

Whether you are a CEO or a front-line supervisor, Kristin can assist you with your communication challenges.

Specifically, Kristin's coaching services focus on three key organizational needs:
  • health care provider coaching
  • leadership coaching
  • strategic planning facilitation

Health Care Provider Coaching
Leadership Coaching
Strategic Planning Facilitation

New healthcare legislation mandates measurement of patient satisfaction. In fact, 10 of the 22 questions on the HCAHPS, (Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems), measure the perceived quality of nurse and provider communication. Since new legislation potentially ties medicare/mediaid reimbursement rates to HCAHPS scores, health care communication skills are more important than ever.

In response to client demand, three years ago Kristin began providing individual communication coaching to physicians and other healthcare providers. Below are skills that Kristin can help you develop through individualized coaching:
  • understanding the two universal needs of patients
  • structuring patient interactions for efficiency
  • limit patient rambling
  • manage interactions with patients' families and advocates
  • making complex information simple and understandable
  • managing first impressions
  • diffusing patient/family anger
  • clarifying scope of care for specialty care providers
  • managing patient expectations
  • listening and questioning skills
  • empathetic and responsive communication
  • clarifying patient goals
Are you a leader who recognizes your own challenges, but needs some support in improving your skills? Do you need help strategizing your next step in a difficult situation? Individualized coaching may be for you.

Kristin has helped dozens of leaders pinpoint their own strengths and challenges as communicators. She has coached dozens of leaders through challenging situations. If you would like non-threatening, unbiased, and customized support in handling a specific challenge or improving your own leadership skills, contact Kristin.

Below are examples of how Kristin has helped leaders through individualized coaching:
  • managing an employee disciplinary meeting
  • managing meetings effectively
  • assertive communication
  • managing an ongoing conflict with a well-performing employee
  • developing persuasive proposals
  • refining presentation and public speaking skills
  • setting behavioral performance expectations
  • conducting problem solving analysis to determine cause of departmental performance issues
  • facilitating employee feedback to leadership
At some point, all organizations need to assess their strategic plan-- from mission, vision, and strategy, to operational and tactical goals.

Kristin has expertise as a facilitator of strategic planning, creative problem solving group discussion, and internal focus group facilitation.

Whether your team needs an afternoon of strategic planning, brainstorming or problem cause analysis, Kristin's facilitation skills will help your group be more productive in less time.

Here are some examples of how Kristin has helped organizations through facilitation:
  • a director-level retreat to brainstorm strategic planning to capture new market niches
  • a board of directors meeting to clarify confusion about board member decision rights and role in the organization
  • a team meeting to assess current effectiveness of performance management systems and brainstorm needed changes
  • a team cause analysis to pinpoint the reasons a department did not meet quarterly goals
  • individual focus interviews to determine main causes of low staff morale and high turnover
  • a team discussion to refine job descriptions, role responsibilities, and behavioral benchmarks for a new, evolving team role
Testimonial from a physician who used Kristin's coaching services:

"The coaching offered by Kris is some of the most valuable training I have had since leaving residency for private practice more than 10 years ago. While I know the medicine side of things pretty well, I was never entirely grounded in knowing what patients want and expect.

Spending too much time with patients was a common theme for me. Patients/families would ramble. In the end, neither the patient nor I was satisfied with the way that time was spent. Kris taught me the basic principles of communication and then some techniques involving body language, voice and interview structure. It revitalized my practice. My evals are much briefer and focused, yet I can sense patients are happy and confident with my care. My patient satisfaction scores are in the upper percentiles. I now find that I can confidently approach patient interactions without anxiety because I know they are likely to be successful to all concerned. I would also say my diagnostic acumen has improved because I am a better listener and patients/families share more information with me. I'm having more fun!

I had been looking for a service such as Kris's and would gladly have paid thousands of dollars and traveled to a big city to get this. I feel very fortunate to have been able to work with her here in Green Bay. It would have been difficult for me to achieve my current level of competence in communications had I worked on this on my own, at least not as easily as I did in working with Kris.

In summary, I highly recommend her service to any medical professional who has as their goal more effective and efficient patient interactions."