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Business Consultant - Communication Training and Organizational Development


Word-of-mouth built Kristin's business. Here is what clients say about her services:

"Prevea has been fortunate to work with Kris as a consultant, facilitator and trainer for our leadership development programs. She has taken the time to get to know our organization. She even knows most of our leaders by name! This knowledge of our organization has allowed Kris to be instrumental in creating a new performance plan for Prevea. She worked with a group of leaders and the Human Resources department to re-create a performance system that is more closely focused on Prevea’s goal and strategies. This plan is now used by all of Prevea’s 1000+ employees.

Kris has also been a huge part of the implementation of the Prevea University. This program focuses on providing our leadership team with skills and programs to enhance their leadership skills. Kris has worked with me from the moment this idea was formed to the complete implementation. She offers guidance, and most importantly, presents the most well-received of all of the Prevea University course offerings. My leaders tell me that they can’t wait for Kris to come back to teach and that they have been to all of her classes and they learn so much. Kris has a relaxed training style that encourages sharing and networking. She has the ability to present very complex topics at a level that can be understood by all.

We don’t look at Kris as a consultant, but as a member of the Prevea team!"

Teri Kranz
Manager of Employee Relations and Training & Development
Prevea Health

"Kris Charles is an important part of KI’s training program. She works with us to understand our objectives and then tailors her presentations to meet our needs. Kris is professional in her field, always delivering her thoughts in an articulate, thorough manner. She provides our employees with practical skills that they can immediately put into practice. Employees that were initially resistant to training have commented on how valuable Kris’ training sessions are. We continually receive positive feedback on her presentations. Beyond providing specific training solutions, Kris acts as a strategic advisor for organizational development. She has become a true business partner of ours and is a pleasure to work with. We look forward to future collaboration with Kris."

Jill Hummel, PHR

HR Business Partner

"I have known Kris for over 12 years and have worked with her at my current company along with the previous company I worked for. Kris has a unique ability to quickly grasp the culture and needs of an organization to adapt a training that is specific and relevant. She will spend time with her client to make sure she understands the expectation of the session and the audience she is delivering to. We have always received positive evaluations on Kris’s sessions both on her style of training and the practical use of the materials presented. Kris is a true professional and has a personable trait that always makes you feel like you are her only client."

Jenny Lowe
Vice President, Human Resources
Imperial Supplies, Inc.

"The training sessions that Kris Charles has done for our organization have been highly successful - we have started to see our employees implementing many of the concepts that Kris has taught them. She provides great customer service, doing her homework to better understand her audience and making sure her sessions fit our company's needs. Kris is knowledgeable, professional, personable, and a very engaging presenter. We have heard nothing but rave reviews for the sessions she has done for our company and will have her back again and again as we have opportunities that arise."

Amy Russell
Education Specialist

"Kris Charles is one of the most effective presenters I have had the privilege to work with! She carefully works with us to understand our needs and objectives, and customizes the presentation and materials to ensure that participants can make the connection and apply the concepts to their daily work. Participants— including staff, leaders and physicians — have consistently rated her presentations very high and request to have her come back.”

Jean Mueller
Team Leader, Organizational Development
Bellin Health

"Our team learned new communication skills which heightened their confidence while managing communication challenges. The presentation style that Kristin used was interactive and engaging. Our entire team was involved by using real-life examples to replicate our work environment. We have seen a significant improvement in our customer satisfaction scores after implementing the skills Kris shared with our staff. I would be happy to be a contact or reference for you, Kris, anytime!"

Julie Fisher
Team Leader
Bellin NeuroTeam

“I‘ve found Kris to be an accomplished and creative designer of training/skill building material...her detail and effort make a difference. Kris is also a first rate presenter. She always finds a way to identify with her audience and make training a positive experience. My constituents here at Georgia-Pacific rate Kris an A+.”

Paul Dolson
Manager of Organizational Training
Georgia Pacific

"The coaching offered by Kris is some of the most valuable training I have had since leaving residency for private practice more than 10 years ago. While I know the medicine side of things pretty well, I was never entirely grounded in knowing what patients want and expect.

Spending too much time with patients was a common theme for me. Patients/families would ramble. In the end, neither they nor I was satisfied with the way that time was spent. Kris taught me the basic principles of communication and then some techniques involving body language, voice and interview structure. It revitalized my practice. My evals are much briefer and focused, yet I can sense patients are happy and confident with my care. My patient satisfaction scores are in the upper percentiles. I now find that I can confidently approach patient evals without anxiety because I know they are likely to be successful to all concerned. I would also say my diagnostic acumen has improved because I am a better listener and patients/families share more info with me. I'm having more fun!

I had been looking for a service such as Kris's and would gladly have paid thousands of dollars and travelled to a big city to get this. I feel very fortunate to have been able to work with her here in Green Bay. It would have been difficult for me to achieve my current level of competence in communications had I worked on this on my own, at least not as easily as I did in working with Kris.

In summary, I highly recommend her service to any medical professional who has as their goal more effective and efficient patient interactions."

A physician who used Kristin's coaching services

"Kris did an excellent job of keeping us excited and interested. She’s very knowledgeable. I learned more in 2 days than with my
co-workers in 5 months. Thanks!”

A participant from “Relaunching Your Sales Approach” workshop

“Kristin used practical examples that helped me understand the concepts. I can easily put this workshop to use in my job. Thanks for the great, energetic presentation!”
A participant from “Working Efficiently” workshop

"Kris is the best teacher I’ve ever had. She is very thorough, yet makes it an easy and entertaining environment in which to learn. This course will help me in my years after college with everything from salary negotiation to expressing my opinions better. Thanks Dr. Charles!”
A UWGB student