Mission. To help organizations, teams, and individuals communicate better to balance results and relationships in every interaction by offering research-based, customized tools for organization development, team development and individual leadership development.
Core Values
Listen First
Kris will hear your organization’s story to understand all the angles. You get the microphone.
 Find Root Cause
Together, we will discover and address root causes of your organization challenges. We won’t do band-aid fixes.
Customize to Client
Kris will leverage her knowledge of research to create solutions right for your organization.  No canned programs.
Kris promises to admit when your root causes require assistance beyond Kris' skill set.  Your needs come first.
Kris will offer simple tools that are understood, shared, embedded, and practiced in daily interactions with ease.
Together, we will spark commitment to communication tool use longer after your consultation with Kris is complete.
Track Outcomes
Together, we will identify your target measures of success and track progress toward them.
 Research-Based Solutions
Kris' doctorate grounds her evidence-based advice in deep understanding of peer-reviewed communication research.