Kristin's Story 

"I believe luck is preparation meeting opportunity.  If you hadn’t been prepared when the opportunity came along, you wouldn’t have been lucky.” – Oprah Winfrey 
The quote above summarizes how Kristin became a consultant more than 20 years ago.  Like many young professionals, Kristin had a plan: finish the degree. Start a family. Pursue her passion for teaching at the college level.  Balance it all.  In 1998, Kristin's husband's career brought them to Green Bay, Wisconsin.  While Kristin finished her dissertation and started a family, she began networking for teaching positions. 

Through word-of-mouth, an international manufacturing company learned about Kristin’s background. They asked her to teach basic business writing skills to leaders.  While workshop participants craved tools for written communication, they also asked Kristin for advice on tough work conversations. Kristin delivered, translating research findings into simple tips that leaders could use right away.  Leaders asked for more.  Preparation met opportunity.  And so began KD Charles Business Consulting, leveraging Kristin’s passion for translating proven research to practical tools that make daily conversations more productive and satisfying. 

Word-of-mouth travels quickly.  Soon Kristin was designing and facilitating leadership workshops for several Wisconsin-based businesses.  In 2005, driven by client demand, Kristin expanded her services to organization development and management consulting, then to executive coaching and physician communication coaching collaborations.   Through client referral over two decades, Kristin has become a trusted source of business communication counsel for leaders in Wisconsin and beyond.  

Kristin and her husband continue to enjoy life in Green Bay and have three grown daughters.  Rounding out her work-life balance, Kris is a dog lover, cyclist, backcountry hiker-camper, volunteer for Brown County Aging and Disability Resource Center, and Bellin Health Foundation Board of Directors officer.