Organization, Team, and Individual Development
We have done numerous training courses over many years with KD Charles Business Consulting and would strongly recommend her for your organization. Her professionalism, passion for what she does, and customized consulting style has helped with the development of our associates as well as enhanced our relationships with our customers.   Every session she has conducted with our extensive sales and marketing team is interactive and relevant to our business needs.  In addition, there are always actionable lessons learned from every course that elevate both our internal interactions and our customer relationships.  We have an ongoing relationship with Dr. Charles, and typically conduct two large training sessions annually.  In addition, we utilize Dr. Charles to help coach and develop our future leaders  with one-on-one sessions, which has enhanced our leadership, teamwork, interpersonal communication and interaction, and accountability.   And because our relationship with Dr. Charles spans numerous years and is ongoing, she understands our culture extremely well and is able to tailor both our training sessions and coaching courses to the organization.   She is truly an extension of our leadership team and has helped Imperial grow culturally and professionally.    

Gregg Sterling
Executive Vice President
Imperial Supplies

Team Culture Improvement

"Our team went through a period of rapid change and growth. As many teams experience, our team engagement was affected.  We called Kris to help find solutions. Kris helped us assess root causes and facilitated multiple solutions that enlisted every teammate’s effort.   Kris helped us clarify our key processes.  She helped us discover and remedy confusion about roles and responsibilities, which was causing some underlying team stress.  We discovered the main behavior patterns that we all needed to break to improve our workplace culture for the long haul. Kris guided us as we created our own Culture Barometer and behavior-based team norms that everyone committed to following. 
Finally, Kris conducted workshops to share tools for managing challenging interactions, making meetings and email more effective, and collectively solving problems with creativity and critical thinking.  We’ve worked hard to embed Kris’ tools in our daily work.  At the end of our collaboration with Kris, our annual team engagement score increased over 7%, well over our target!  To date, the behavior cycles that hurt us in the past are no longer chronic problems.
Most of all, we value Kris’ ability to engage all team members.  She practices what she preaches! Kris encourages discussion, draws out quiet voices, and accumulates yeses.  Her approach is personable and down-to-earth.  We enjoyed our collaboration and saw results! Thanks Kris."

Randy Van Straten 
Vice President, Business and Community Health
Bellin Health Systems

Kristin Jacques
Team Leader, Business and Community Health
Bellin Health Systems


Executive Collaborations and Leadership Coaching

“One of the best business decisions I have made in over 20 years in the industry was utilizing Kris Charles’ executive coaching services.  My situation wasn’t unique, I was being promoted to senior leadership, but with a few gaps I needed to shore up, I wasn’t feeling confident.  I collaborated with Kris on Executive Collaboration and Communication.  By utilizing the one-on-one coaching and role playing of real-life situations, the results for me were exponential.  My confidence has increased and my success in aligning and collaborating with the other executive leaders has me on a very successful career path.
With the success I achieved, I utilized Kris’ communication & leadership training workshops and creative problem-solving workshop to set my leaders up for success.  As we enter the second-year post training, my team is exceeding in most goals.  Thank you, Kris.”

Tim Weiland
Vice President, Supply Chain and Distribution
Imperial Supplies

Kristin is tops at what she does. I found the 1 on 1 sessions extremely helpful because it focused on my issues I was dealing with, and she had great suggestions on how to best approach the problem at hand. Lovely person, knowledgeable and truly interested in what her student is dealing with. Very insightful.

A leadership coaching client

Group Problem Solving Facilitation

“Our team was experiencing bottlenecks in how we delivered support services to internal customers which ultimately impacted our external customers. Our IT, sales, and product management teammates had divergent viewpoints on potential solutions.    In just two meetings, with Kris’ efficient facilitation, we outlined our very complex process map, identified the bottlenecks, prioritized root-cause items for improvement, and developed an action plan with deadlines.   Did we have spirited discussions? Yes, but with Kris’ facilitation, we got through it and shook hands afterward. We even laughed and joked through the meetings.   Kris has the unique skill to quickly understand and adapt to our company’s culture and needs."

Lynn Podoski 
Vice President, Contact Center 
Imperial Supplies

Communication and Leadership Training Workshops

 "I have known Kris for over 20 years and have worked with her at my current company along with the previous company I worked for. Kris has a unique ability to quickly grasp the culture and needs of an organization to adapt a training that is specific and relevant. She will spend time with her client to make sure she understands the expectation of the session and the audience she is delivering to. We have always received positive evaluations on Kris’s sessions both on her style of training and the practical use of the materials presented. Kris is a true professional and has a personable trait that always makes you feel like you are her only client." 

Jenny Lowe 
Vice President, Human Resources 
Imperial Supplies

Communication and Leadership Training Workshops

Performance Driven Instructional Design

“In healthcare, our patient admissions representative, (PARs), play critical roles in registration, scheduling, clinic support, and customer service.  The sheer volume and complexity of skills necessary for PAR performance were overwhelming.    In-house, we have Subject Matter Experts who know this complex PAR job.  The trick was transferring that knowledge from SMEs to PARS in an organized, standardized way across our system.  Most important, we wanted a PAR training experience that was supportive and engaging to increase job satisfaction for an inherently tough role.  

Kris guided our in-house SME team of PAR trainers through the Performance-Driven Instructional Design steps.  This resulted in the creation of a standard PAR job description, the creation of 30,60,90 and 120-day new-hire PAR performance metrics, a comprehensive curriculum of 81 modules that our in-house trainers created with Kris’ guidance, and “train-the-trainer” workshops with Kris and our team.  This resulted in standard training across the Bellin Health System, a spread of the work to our Financial Counselor teams, and confidence of the workflows built in our Electronic Medical Record.   We are now able to verify skill acquisition, move PARs from clinic to clinic with reassurance that skills are consistent, and spread our financial health matters program through the system with consistency. 

Kris’ ability to help organize the work and provide consistent formatting and structure benefitted us by improving our Point of Service Collections by 30%, decreased error rates at the front end, and provided a consistent onboarding experience for our new hires.  I have had a fantastic experience working with Kris and learned so much about communication skills and PDID.

Jennifer Popek, MBA 
Team Leader Patient Registration & Financial Navigation 
Bellin Health System, Inc.

Physician Communication Collaborations

"The coaching offered by Kris is some of the most valuable training I have had since leaving residency for private practice more than 10 years ago. While I know the medicine side of things well, I was never entirely grounded in knowing what patients want and expect. 

Spending too much time with patients was a common theme for me. Patients/families would ramble. In the end, neither they nor I was satisfied with the way that time was spent. Kris taught me the basic principles of communication and then some techniques involving body language, voice and interview structure. It revitalized my practice. My evals are much briefer and focused, yet I can sense patients are happy and confident with my care. My patient satisfaction scores are in the upper percentiles. I now find that I can confidently approach patient evals without anxiety because I know they are likely to be successful to all concerned. I would also say my diagnostic acumen has improved because I am a better listener and patients/families share more info with me. I'm having more fun! 

I had been looking for a service such as Kris's and would gladly have paid thousands of dollars and travelled to a big city to get this. I feel very fortunate to have been able to work with her here in Green Bay. It would have been difficult for me to achieve my current level of competence in communications had I worked on this on my own, at least not as easily as I did in working with Kris. 

In summary, I highly recommend her service to any medical professional who has as their goal more effective and efficient patient interactions."

A physician who used Kristin's coaching services

Virtual Communication Workshops (Sales Training)

In 2020, I attended Kris' virtual workshop called "Doing Business Virtually."  In it, we learned skills for managing virtual tools, organizing presentations, using visual data effectively, and structuring persuasive messages. I was not accustomed to using technology to conduct virtual corporate meetings.  Kris taught in a way that was down to earth and easy to follow.
Since I have applied the tips and tricks taught by Kris, I have become very confident with virtual corporate meetings.  Now, I enjoy connecting with customers through technology virtually. It will be something that I incorporate into my schedule even after I begin traveling to visit customers face-to-face.  My results have been increased sales and customer confidence that our business partnership is strong even during times when travel is difficult.
Jennifer Young
Key Account Manager
Imperial Supplies

Team Creative Problem Solving Workshop
  • "The overall workshop was great.  The enthusiasm of Kris is contagious and make you want to listen and stay actively engaged.  The analogies for the topics made for a fun and practical session.  All the materials were fantastic! So great and easy to use on the job. I loved the CPS model, and our department will benefit from it." 
  • "Kris always facilitates productive trainings in which I have always taken something useful away from it.  Today's workshop was the perfect balance of interactive activities and classroom discussions."

 Participant Comments 

Sales Training: Negotiation and Persuasion Workshop 
  • Kris' enthusiasm and love for what she does shows.  Handouts were great.  Loved the cards!  Information was extremely relatable and easy to understand.
  • Kris has an amazing ability to create an environment of participation and get everyone involved.
  • I like the presentation style that Kris has.  The way she got us engaged right away with negotiation exercises with the hypothetical real estate case really set the tone for the whole workshop.  I also like the way she included (our leaders) while presenting to get their insight for our company strategy.
Participant Comments


Tools for Performance Management Conversations Workshop
  • I enjoyed the interaction in the small group setting, then discussing it as a larger group. The small group role play allowed everyone to give their input and try out their techniques. Then being able to collaborate as a group really tied it all together
  • EVERYTHING! I really, really liked the Toy Wolf scenario as it made me realize how my leadership (or lack thereof) affects my team. I love how everything about these workshops are things I can immediately apply when I get back to work.
  • The workshop was effective because the presentation style was relaxed and very well organized, materials were easy to use and activities non-threatening.
  • I loved the breakout sessions with small groups! It gives everyone the opportunity to practice what is preached, and every time everyone stops in their tracks and realizes this is harder than we think!  So much better than sitting in a lecture.
Participant Comments