Communication and Leadership Training Workshops
Have your teammates or leaders fallen into patterns of interaction that hinder results and/or relationships? Either internally on your teams or externally with customers?  Do your leaders or teammates need proven hints for how to handle tough conversations? Or how to motivate and engage a team?  It may be time to restock your communication skill toolbox.
For over 20 years, Kristin has listened to organization needs, ensured that skill-building and training is the right solution for the issue, scoured her knowledge of research-backed communication tools, and designed learning experiences to help teams change behavior.
Fill your toolbox.

Kris’ customized workshops provide exercises for:
  • Comprehension: “Can I explain this communication tool to others?”
  • Self-reflection: “What are my own strengths and opportunities to improve this skill?”
  • Application: “Can I practice applying this skill to case studies or role plays so that I’m prepared to use it well on the job?” 

Resulting in training sessions that:
  • help participants identify areas for improvement
  • provide practical, simple tools for immediate use on the job
  • allow safe skill practice with colleague feedback & input
  • empower leaders to reinforce skills on the job long after training
  • provide a fun, productive experience that enhances performance

Examples of Customized Workshops
Below are just some of the dozens of workshops Kris has designed.
  • Myers Briggs Temperament Indicator (MBTI): Understanding and Flexing to Types (Kris is an MBTI-Certified Facilitator)
  • Doing Business Virtually: Communication Tools for a Digital Age
  • Netiquette: Contemporary Tools for Email Effectiveness
  • Vetiquette: Guidelines for Great Online Meetings
  • Assertiveness:  Being Clear without Breaking Relationships
  • Responsiveness: Receiving & Reacting to Feedback
  • “Greasing the Squealing Pig” – Creative Problem Solving Tools
  • Sales Negotiation
  • Consultative Questioning: Skills for Sales Conversations
  • Contemporary Business Writing
  • Visual Data Principles: Using Data to Tell a Story
  • 7 Steps of Performance Management
  • Giving Performance Feedback
  • Managing Escalated Conversations
  • ​Adapting to Behavior Styles
  • How to Address Task-Talented but Relationally Destructive Team Behavior
  • Personal Branding for Young Professionals

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