Conflict Resolution
Picture this: two skilled teammates don’t see eye-to-eye.  As a leader, you value both teammates.  Overtime, however, their icy relationship affects everyone.  Teammates don’t want to take sides.  Watercooler gossip about the latest tense exchange hinders productivity. Both parties seem miserable with their daily interactions. 
Kris has facilitated conflict resolution for dozens of professionals across industries.  Her five-step approach has helped teammates have frank conversations to begin healing old wounds and start new, healthy interaction habits. 
Tension between two stresses all.
Kris’ facilitation will:
  • Assess whether underlying performance issues are contributing to conflict
  • Prepare each for the discussion to ensure productive communication
  • Uncover the behavior cycles that are perpetuating tension
  • Help both parties identify their desired new behaviors from one another
  • Gain agreement on behavior change and set regular check-ins to track progress 
Resulting in a teammate conversation that:
  • Allows each party to express their needs without perpetuating conflict
  • Recognizes interdependence of behaviors
  • Articulates the desired behavior changes in the relationship
  • Empowers the leader to coach the dyad on conflict resolution
  • Sets the stage for a successful relational reset

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