Executive Collaborations
Research verifies that talking to one’s self when thinking through tough situations promotes development, no matter your age, experience, or position.  Executives have plenty of tough situations to contemplate.   
"I just need a sounding board.  Where do I turn?"
Even so, everyone needs a sounding board occasionally —someone who respects confidentiality. Someone with expertise to offer sound advice.  Someone who will respectfully challenge your perspective, so no stone is unturned.  Someone who is not your leader or colleague.  Kris has been that “someone” for dozens of business leaders. 
Talk it through, safely & privately.
In executive collaborations, Kris will:
  • Listen and help clarify your problem statement and goals
  • Ask critical questions so that all angles, data, and stakeholder interests are considered
  • Use her knowledge of persuasion, problem solving, and negotiation techniques to help you formulate communication approaches 
So that executive leaders can:
  • Thoroughly vet possible approaches
  • Anticipate reactions and feel prepared
  • Carefully plan communication responses to challenging circumstances 
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