Group Problem Solving Facilitation
Does your organization have a complex problem to tackle?  Have tense conversations between divergent stakeholders prevented you from making progress?  Or, has the complexity left you wondering, 
"Where do we start?”
Dozens of teams have leveraged Kris’ graduate-level training as a facilitator of group problem solving.  Kris will listen to your needs and choose the right facilitation techniques to lead your team through the process of untangling your most knotted challenges—all while fostering team relationships. 
What knots need untangling?
Kris uses facilitation techniques that:
  • provide time-saving structure to discussion
  • balance creative and analytic thinking
  • hear all voices—the quiet and the assertive
  • consider all stakeholder interests
  • leverage humor and activity to pique engagement 

Helping your team to:
  • explore all relevant data
  • distill the key problem statement
  • address root causes
  • vet viable solutions
  • implement action items
  • align team commitment to solutions
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