Leadership Coaching
The eternal dilemma: “Do we bring in people with leadership skills who don’t know the business, or do we promote our in-house high performers to leadership?”  There is no right answer, but when you decide to promote subject matter experts to lead the troops, make sure you equip them with tools necessary for their new adventure.
With over 10 years of college teaching experience and over 15 years of coaching experience, Kristin has helped dozens of leaders identify their strengths and improve their leadership practices.
Equip your leaders.
In a 1-1 leadership coaching collaboration, Kris will:
  • Help define the skills needed for their position
  • Narrow down which skills need support & development
  • Move quickly from leadership theory and general concepts to practical application
  • Offer simple, practical tools that are easy to retain and apply
  • Ensure skills are supported by the leader’s leader long after the collaboration is complete 
Resulting in a leadership collaboration that:
  • Is safe and confidential for the new leader
  • Efficiently equips them for fast success
  • Ties all skill development to the leader’s performance metrics
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