New Employee Orientation & Assimilation 
Ask any professional about their various onboarding experiences, and you’ll see a common plotline emerge. Warm welcome, formal orientation-- then reality hits.  It’s as if the organization’s collective conscience whispers in your ear,

“Now it is time to see how things REALLY work around here!”
Kris can share best practices for employee assimilation that will help not only manage the transition into your culture but also allow your team to capitalize on the energy and innovation that new employees can inject.
Uh-oh, is the honeymoon over?
Kris helps teams create onboarding practices that:
  • Introduce your organization completely and honestly to new hires
  • Define interval metrics, (ex: 30,60,90-day), for onboarding training
  • Provide structured support during the “learning the ropes” phase
  • Proactively provide opportunities for new hires to contribute innovation 
Resulting in hew-hire experiences that:
  • Eliminate surprises and foster realistic expectations
  • Foster at-elbow and mentor support relationships
  • Smooth the transition into your team culture
  • Pave the way for mutuality and commitment 

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