Personal Branding & Public Speaking Coaching
“Picture everyone in their underwear” is good advice but not complete.  In today’s digital age, speakers juggle not only nerves, but delivery, content organization, visual information design, and virtual technology.  Luckily, best practices exist for all these presentation elements.  Kris can help get you ready.
Kris has taught university-level courses on public speaking, speech composition, and visual information.  She has trained hundreds of sales professionals and leaders on delivering impactful presentations.
Feel prepared.  Make a Splash.
Kris will help prepare you to:
  • focus your big idea and structure your content
  • adapt to your setting and audience
  • assess and develop your visual, vocal, and verbal cues
  • design data and visual aids to complement rather than compete with your message
  • manage virtual technology smoothly 
So that you can:
  • feel confident and prepared
  • connect with your audience
  • deliver impactful, memorable messages
  • manage your personal brand strategically 

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