Physician Communication Collaborations
The healthcare industry considers patient experience a fundamental measure of performance, equally important as quality and affordability.  Yet, as physicians will tell you, patient experience is perception-- and they are right.  So, how can a physician deliver tough news, say “no” to unsafe patient requests, or answer questions, all in a crunched schedule while maintaining positive impressions? 
Kris has collaborated with dozens of physicians for over 15 years to offer techniques for patient, family, and colleague tough interactions.  Her expert understanding of nonverbal communication research, information processing, and persuasion can help physicians tweak their consult structures to facilitate satisfying experiences.
Approach matters.
In a physician collaboration, Kris will:
  • listen and understand your most common interaction challenges
  • assist you to assess your visual, vocal, and verbal patterns & manage impressions
  • help you adapt to the 2 universal needs of patients and the 4 information processing styles
  • apply tools to case studies and role plays to ensure the tools work for you
Resulting in a collaboration that helps physicians:
  • structure patient interactions for effectivness and efficiency
  • improve listening, questioning, and responsive skills
  • clarify patient goals
  • help patients concisely explain their story while ensuring their needs are acknowledged
  • manage interactions with families, diffuse tension
  • ​​make complex information simple and understandable
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