Roles & Responsibilities Development
Perceptive leaders study teammates’ unique skills and leverage them toward organization needs. However, without regular recalibration, work fills people's plates that neither leverages their competencies nor correlates to strategic priorities. Teammates are left wondering, 
"Is this the right fit?”​
Kristin has helped hundreds of leaders and teammates create clarity about each teammate’s unique Roles, Responsibilities, Performance Expectations, and Authorities, (RREAs), thus liberating teammates to apply their talents, reach performance targets, and make decisions quickly for the organization’s benefit.
Do your teammates have permission to thrive?
Kris facilitates RREA discussions that:
  • produce a living document that guides performance
  • promote shared understanding of who does what, how well, and with what authority
  • identify and leverage the unique talents of teammates toward organization needs
  • help leaders and teammates have "recalibration conversations" when duties evolve & expand 
Clear RREAs benefit your organization in:
  • Hiring.  RREAs outline competencies for screening applicants
  • Training.  RREAs outline conversations for skill development
  • Orientation. RREAs introduce new teammates to organization structure
  • Performance Management. RREAs are used in formal and informal development interactions
  • Conflict Management.  RREAs clarify confusions about who owns what duties
  • Engagement.  RREAs ensure that job scope is right-sized
  • Succession Planning.  RREAs outline the “next-level” needs when teammates blossom
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