Strategic Planning Facilitation
Leaders know the common challenges of strategic planning: passionate opinions, divergent ideas, quiet intellects who don't get the microphone, and loud intellects that dominate it.  While the conversation wavers between daily operational concerns and long-term strategic ideas, the leader is left wondering, 
"When should I stay neutral and facilitate, and when should I give my input?"
With 20+ years of experience moderating group discussions and knowledge of strategic planning methods, Kris knows how to guide your team through a productive, efficient, and relationship-building process to create a meaningful strategic plan.
Strategic planning doesn't need to be stressful.
Kris facilitates strategic planning sessions that:
  • prepare in advance to ensure data and experts are at hand
  • free up executives to participate
  • encourage productive, effective debate 
  • ensure balanced participation across teammates
Allowing your team to build a plan with:
  • group consensus and commitment
  • concise goals based on strategic objectives
  • clarity to share with internal and external stakeholders
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