Team Culture Improvement
Culture is defined two ways: espoused culture and operating culture. Your espoused culture is defined and driven by leaders:  how the organization aspires to collectively behave.  Your operating culture is how people really behave-- in patterned ways and over time-- on your teams.
Both espoused and operating culture are important. But if your daily team climate has become perpetually disengaged, unproductive, or just plain cranky, it may be time to assess your operating culture.
Every interaction shapes team culture.

Kris has developed a team operating culture assessment process that will:
  • Assess team levels of trust, communication effectiveness, engagement, and accountability
  • Identify the key behavior cycles that the team wants to change
  • Assess root cause of behavior cycles and find intervention plans that fit
  • Develop team-created behavioral expectations (team norms)
  • Produce a Team Culture Barometer, a tool for sustaining team culture change 
Helping your team to:
  • Accept personal responsibility for culture change
  • Identify acceptable and unacceptable interaction patterns
  • Hold one another accountable for team behavior expectations
  • Conduct quick huddles to assess communication climate and stay on track
  • Create an engaging work environment

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