Virtual Collaborations & Training
Kris adapts her coaching services and leadership and communication training workshops to live virtual formats for clients. For example, Kris recently developed and facilitated an online workshop for 60+ sales teammates. The workshop leveraged technology to include large group discussion, live Q & A, and even breakout rooms with small group role playing and case studies.  
"Ready to flex your training delivery methods?"
Contact Kris.  She'll work with your preferred online technology platform and partner with you to create virtual interactive, skill-building workshops and collaborations.
Key Word for the 2020s: FLEXIBILITY.
Kris will:
  • remain committed to providing interactive, skill-building training customized to your team's needs
  • refuse to allow technology to hinder the essential learner activities comprehension, self-reflection, and application practice
  • leverage technology innovations for engagement
  • flex to your organization's preferred virtual meeting platforms
Read what Kris’ virtual workshop participants are saying below:

Doing Business Virtually (A sales communication workshop presented virtually in 2020)
  • "I thought Dr. Kris made everyone at ease from the start.  She was not lecturing at you but rather talking "with" you.  The presentation was very concise and kept moving.  The breakout sessions were useful for practical discussion and the platform was easy and interactive.  Kris' job aids were especially valuable for reference and call planning."
  • "Dr. Kris was great with engagement and still moved the training along.  I appreciate the interactive polls, the break-out sessions, and job aid to use for future reference."
  • "I love learning from Dr. Charles.  Her style of using technology, handouts, our company-specific terminology, customer specific examples tailored to us, and audience participant is on point for my learning style. She is attentive to our needs as an audience and humble when there are challenges."
"Communication Skills for Productive Team Cultures: Tools for Leaders" (Presented Virtually in 2020)
  • "I loved the break-out sessions with small groups!  I didn't think that was possible in a virtual workshop, but Kris made it work.  It gives everyone the opportunity to practice what is preached, and every time everyone stops in their tracks realizing that this is harder than they think! It is so much better than just sitting in a lecture."
  • "Although it was a lot of information, it was well put together.  Dr. Charles' examples to illustrate concepts were very engaged, followed by robust discussion and group suggestions for implementation."
  • "Kris was able to keep us engaged just as if we were in an actual classroom setting!  I love the live situation role play and feedback at the end."
  • "I love to hear Kris role play, completely impromptu, with others in the session.  This really gives you the knowledge of how to use the tools and job aids."
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